our games

  • LOVEWIN games are designed to be fun and easy to play, yet challenging.

    We believe in creating beautifully crafted games of skill that train and exercise your brain, rather than mere mindless clicking. In a short span of 60 seconds, our games challenge your memory and problem solving abilities.


    LOVEWIN uses a proprietary system that determines your score based on the speed and accuracy of your game. In addition, all results and the identity of winners are subject to independent audit.


    In the interests of “fair play”, we only allow every member to pay to play up to 5 times on each item. That way, everyone has an equal chance at winning.


    Employees of LOVEWIN, their spouses, children, parents and siblings are not eligible to play or participate in any LOVEWIN games. LOVEWIN reserves the right to require the winner of any LOVEWIN game to sign a written statement confirming their eligibility before prize collection.