How it works

It's simple - choose the luxury prize you love, then play a game to have a chance to win it.

Subscribe and set up your account using your email address or Facebook. There is an annual subscription fee of US$1, that will go directly to a charity of your choice.

You’ll need to buy Playpoints in order to play your game.

If you purchase US$30 worth of Playpoints, you’ll receive an exclusive LOVEWIN luxury collectible of your choice.

Our games are simple 60-second memory games that anyone can play and win. Don’t cross your fingers though, this isn’t about luck. It’s about skill.

Everyone can only play for each luxury prize up to five times. It’s our way of keeping it friendly.

Each luxury prize is limited to a fixed number of plays. If your score is the highest when this number is reached, you’ll win the luxury prize - it's that simple.

If we do not reach the fixed number of plays for the luxury prize within 10 days, you’ll get your Playpoints credited back to your account which you can use to play for another luxury prize!

Every time you play, the less fortunate win. In addition to giving your US$1 annual subscription fee to your chosen charity, we will also give 5% of every dollar spent on plays to our partner charities.