LOVEWIN is a Singapore online platform that harnesses the power of desire, and turn it into a channel for social good.
The LOVEWIN platform gives users the chance to win luxury fashion, high-end tech gadgets, and even five-star holidays, by getting them to play 60-second memory games.
The goal is for LOVEWIN to bring the idea of ‘giving back’into mainstream consciousness.”
Many members of the public can name dozens of luxury brands. But they have trouble naming a charity or social enterprise and saying what they do. Yet, most will say that they believe it’s important to support these social organizations.
“The question is how to transform peoples’ desires into acts of giving. LOVEWIN wants bridge that gap, “LOVEWIN want people to love the luxury of giving, and to help generate the mechanics for creating a better world.”
LOVEWIN has partnered with celebrities such as Van Ness Wu, Elva Hsiao, JJ Lin, and many more. They appear in promotional videos, spreading awareness for the platform and inspiring others to take the step forward into the LOVEWIN world.
LOVEWIN hopes to collaborate with even more charity organizations, sothat people using LOVEWIN can give back locally within their own communities. Our goal is to work with various charity organisations so that aid in various issues such as the environment,health, education and for all races, genders and ages.”
Marcus Savage CEO of LOVEWIN says: “I don’t have all the answers to creating a better world. But I do know that this can be the beginning of a journey towards caring.”